Top 25 SaaS Startups and Companies to Follow in 2023

2 min readOct 19, 2023

Which SaaS startups are currently transforming the software-as-a-service landscape? Let’s overview the top companies and products worth keeping an eye on.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is very dynamic, with new products appearing all over the globe every month. The market is crowded, yet the demand for quality solutions with innovative approaches is high, too.

What are the key drivers behind the growth of SaaS startups in 2023?

Naming a few notable ones, the increasing adoption of remote work is still a thing. The pandemic showed us how vital virtual collaboration could be. And, surprisingly, many businesses are still seeking optimal SaaS tools that could enable their teams’ seamless communication and collaboration.

Moreover, there are plenty of other areas where SaaS startups are making waves apart from project management. These include:

🔷 data analytics
🔷 healthcare and fitness
🔷 education
🔷 logistics
🔷 client feedback analysis
🔷 code testing
🔷 email marketing
🔷 content creation
🔷 and plenty of others!

Which SaaS companies and startups are taking the tech world by storm?

We decided to overview various players on the market, including emerging startups at early stages that are showing quick growth and expanding product popularity. We’ve browsed lots of products and handpicked those revolutionizing various industries today. Some of our top picks include Superhuman, Ledgy, Calendly, Notion, Airtable, Gusto, and Loom. These startups are doing their best to empower individuals and businesses of all sizes and are driving digital transformation to new heights.

Check out our collection here, and post your favorite SaaS startups or products that are worth adding to the list in your opinion 👇




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