Mixpanel vs Amplitude: Differences and Things to Consider

Mixpanel and Amplitude are both powerful analytics tools that can help businesses make smarter decisions to improve their online presence, better understand customers, and increase sales. But how do they differ? And which one is better for your specific business?

Having the best product analytics tools at hand is super important for any business. Every entrepreneur knows you won’t go far if you avoid product analytics or keep putting it on the back burner.

Mixpanel and Amplitude are two leading product analytics tools designed to help businesses get a better grip on their user engagement. The question of which one is better can be hard to answer as Mixpanel and Amplitude are practically twins. And yet still, they differ in available feature sets and pricing.

As such, Mixpanel and Amplitude offer competitive pricing plans to meet different user needs. Let’s quickly recap the differences in this respect.

Mixpanel offers a Free plan as well as two tiers of paid plans: Growth, and Enterprise.

➡️ The Free plan has many monthly tracked users included (100k with 1000 events per user), but the advanced analytics features aren’t available.

➡️ Growth offers unlimited events and a range of analytics tools, plus Mixpanel’s Explore feature for advanced queries. The monthly price starts from as little as 36 USD, yet more realistic numbers are a minimum of 190 USD per month for 10 thousand monthly tracked users. The price can be customized according to the monthly tracked users.

➡️ While the Enterprise plan is for larger businesses that require custom data solutions, dedicated onboarding staff, tailored retention analysis, etc. You can request a quote from the sales team for this plan.

Amplitude offers three pricing plans: Free, Growth with monthly charges based on million events per month (EPM), and Enterprise plans (customized to customers’ requirements).

➡️ The Free plan provides you with basic and some advanced features as well as a generous offer of 10 million events for free.

➡️ Growth provides access to exclusive features and advanced segmentation (the price is on request).

➡️ With Enterprise, you get access to even more additional features, including predictive analytics. The price for the plan is also calculated individually.

So, depending on your business needs, Mixpanel or Amplitude will aid you in reaching your goals with their customized list of options. To help business owners make the best decision for their needs, here’s a detailed guide that gives a Mixpanel vs. Amplitude close-up. It compares pricing, features, and usability to see which tool offers more bang for your buck 👉



Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.

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Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.