How to Create a Location-Based App

Location-based apps and those with built-in geolocation capabilities are one of the hottest trends in mobile development. In this article, we’ll walk you through the geolocation app development, starting with the types of applications to required technologies and pitfalls to avoid when building a product.

Mobile apps can’t do without the features that cater to wide audiences and respond to expectations on a more targeted, local level. One of them is geolocation. As users have got used to the on-the-go functionality of Uber, Facebook, or Airbnb, they are eager to get the same experience on other apps.

Therefore, businesses from different industries need to adapt and create location-based apps and those with built-in geolocation capabilities. They allow to detect local objects, people, and companies around a user and grant them the convenience of getting the required service, information, or even a date on Tinder. All together, it increases user satisfaction with your mobile app and creates a loyal community.

In turn, for businesses, it means local marketing strategies and new growth opportunities. Location-based apps can be extremely efficient for navigation and tracking apps, social networking, travel, fitness, and on-demand services apps. If this is one of your cases, you are in the right place. In the newest article on our blog, we will explore the essence of this type of software and dwell on the process behind its creation and delivery. Follow the link to find out more —

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We help startups and small & medium businesses build software that matters.

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