How to Build a Strong Community for Tech Startups

2 min readJan 9, 2024

A startup community can give a business the support it craves and provide it with numerous other benefits. But where do you start if you want to build your community? Keep reading to find out how to build a strong community.

A strong community around your startup can be the difference between struggling alone and innovating with support. But how exactly do you build a network that drives growth?

Core Members & Common Goals

Your community can consist of diverse members — employees, potential customers, investors, and partners — united by a shared interest in your vision. Outline specific subgroups and channels they prefer so you can cater content accordingly.

The Perks of a Supportive Squad

Top reasons to invest in community building include increased brand exposure and word-of-mouth promotion, validating product decisions with user opinions, attracting talent or investment by showcasing traction, and more.

Now’s the Time

Work on forming a community as early as possible, even pre-product. Basecamp grew an impressive 50k follower base simply through blogging regularly. This momentum was invaluable when they launched.

Crafting Captivating Content

Share authentic updates, ask for feedback, and provide exclusives like discounts in exchange for reviews. Just ensure the content delivers value, not just PR. Facilitate open discussions and respond to questions.

Where Your Tribe Congregates

Consider channels your audience favors, like LinkedIn groups, Discord servers, Reddit subs, your own branded forum, and in-person events. Many brands blend multiple platforms.

Let’s Connect!

Want the full scoop on research-backed community-building strategies? Check out the complete guide for more details on the value of building a community around your product, step-by-step instructions, and examples from today’s top brands.




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