Creating a Pitch Deck: Tips and Best Practices

For modern startups and businesses, a quality pitch deck is a key piece of the growth puzzle. With its persuasive visual composition, a well-put-together deck can open the doors to new opportunities and investments. But how do you craft one that engages and informs potential investors?

Well, not only do high-quality pitch decks help garner interest from potential investors. They also allow startups and business owners to demonstrate the story behind their business plan and showcase their vision for the future. 🚀

This provides the audience with a direct line of thought in terms of understanding:

  • how this possible business investment can bring back ROI;
  • if the product has the potential for success;
  • or if the company is worth it, overall.

Hence, a pitch deck is an important component of many successful businesses. The presentation itself can become a good means for coming off as professional yet creative and getting the audience’s attention. So let’s go over the must-knows and must-dos ✍️

1️⃣ Incorporate concise visual aids such as illustrations, graphs, and diagrams to help tell your story in fewer words than text on its own could achieve.

2️⃣ Break down your key messages into short sentences so as not to overload readers with information.

3️⃣ Keep the details about investment funds, executive bios, technical peculiarities, etc., for supplementary documents for prospects who want more after looking at your initial presentation materials.

4️⃣ Be sure to practice ahead of time. Having a deep understanding of what’s behind each slide will greatly convey your expertise and confidence when speaking in front of audiences.

5️⃣ And never forget the importance of succinct storytelling! Keep those words efficient but interesting, so they don’t bore prospects (and consequently make them lose interest) or slip through important concepts unintentionally.

Is this it? Of course, there are so many more things that have to be taken into account. Therefore, keep reading to find out which slides to include in the pitch deck, browse an example of a well-crafted pitch deck, and get many tips 👇



Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.

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Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.