App Development Cost in 2023: Estimation Guide

The cost to develop an app will vary significantly based on how robust the final product needs to be. It depends on how elaborate the desired features and design are, who develops the product, and how long it takes. Let’s break down the up-to-date mobile app development costs and what affects them.

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to create an app? It is a common question asked by entrepreneurs, but the answer cannot be given in a straightforward manner.

There are numerous factors that influence the price of developing an app. And this explains why the quotes from various vendors can drastically range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands for the project. So how much is it? 💵

The cost of developing an app for your business can seem daunting and is often difficult to estimate accurately. Prices vary widely, based on a multitude of factors. Some major influencing variables include:

  • the complexity of the project (design, functionality set, etc.);
  • who you hire to develop the project (in-house vs. freelance vs. outsourcing and where the developers are from);
  • how many developers are working on the project;
  • how long it will take to build an app that meets your organization’s specifications.

💰 On average, we’re talking about 40k to 90k USD for a more or less basic mobile application. If the features are more intricate or there will be many of them, the timeframes and costs will go up too.

Ultimately, these costs can rise substantially if:

  • you’re including pre-MVP project discovery (with extensive market research) and after-launch maintenance in the cost.
  • you’re seeking sophisticated features (such as high-grade security or in-app purchases);
  • the type of application you’re building requires additional time (e.g., coding native apps for iOS and Android separately instead of building a hybrid app);
  • the industry of your app is complex (for instance, it’ll be harder to build a large booking app, which can cost more than a simple calendar app);
  • you’re using many costly plugins and third-party tools (you pay for such SaaS separately);
  • Among other cases.

As you see, lots of things can affect mobile application development pricing. Yet knowing how much it costs to develop an app can give you a better idea of how feasible your goals are before investing time and money into executing them.

👉 Keep reading to find out more details on pricing, see a sample project timeline, and a calculation of possible costs if you use the services of an outsourcing provider with an experienced team:



Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.

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Tech partner for VC-backed startups. Development teams for early-stage (<$100K) and growth-stage ($1M+) businesses.