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In this article, we share our experience of creating a custom music player for a Social Music Web Platform with TypeScript illustrating each step with a programming code.

One of our clients, a Music Tech Company, came with a request to develop a web version of their Social Music Platform. They wanted to have an online music player that would provide advanced functionality and responsive design. After interviewing the client and analyzing the requirements and documentation attached, we started to look for the solutions. …

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Like all industries, logistics and supply chain management experience transformation due to COVID-19. The new normal has required a shift in the business landscape of companies. In order to respond to the emerging challenges posed by the pandemic, businesses need to conduct in-depth exploration and implement new technologies to ensure compliance with new strategies and processes. We’ve compiled ten logistics and supply chain management trends to keep an eye on in 2021 and explained how they will reshape the industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Logistics and supply chain management companies will continue adopting Artificial Intelligence solutions in such fields as intelligent transportation, route planning…

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A rumored deal between Salesforce and Slack was officially confirmed on Tuesday, December 1st. Salesforce, the CRM powerhouse, bought Slack, a team collaboration platform, in a deal worth $27.7 billion. Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, said: “This is a match made in heaven. Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of enterprise software and transform the way everyone works in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.” This move could be a smart win-win deal for both Salesforce and Slack. Let’s see why.

Why Did Slack Want to Be Bought?

We all know that Slack has been the canonical example of the ‘bottom-up’ product in corporate tech…

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In a new episode of our ‘Startup Stories’ interviews, UpsilonIT talks to David McPhetrige, a business partner of Right Sized Inventory, a US-based company providing the supply-chain market with a patented, probabilistic predictive-analytics solution for inventory optimization. From David’s story, you will learn about how he developed a patented technology that enables businesses to forecast, plan, and optimize their inventory with less effort while helping them save thousands of dollars as well as improve customer service levels.

Anton Oparienko (COO, UpsilonIT): Today, I’m speaking to David McPhetrige, a business partner at Right Sized Inventory. …

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Can software project estimation be as realistic as possible? In this article, we share some hands-on techniques and useful tips on making the estimating process more accurate and robust.

Why Estimation Is an Essential Stage of Any Software Project?

Many outsourcing software projects fail because their estimate is not reliable. Failure means the developer did not meet the deadline, overran the budget, or did not deliver what was expected. A study conducted by McKinsey found that 66% of software projects have cost overruns. A third of them go beyond the estimated schedule, and almost 20% of them fall short of promised benefits.

Sometimes it seems that the process of estimation…

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In a new episode of our ‘Startup Stories’ interviews, UpsilonIT talks to Tony Popov, Founder and CTO of Kiko, a proptech London-based startup. From Tony’s story, you will learn about how the idea of a platform enabling tenants to rent securely without a deposit has secured around £500,000 of funding.

Anton Oparienko (COO, UpsilonIT): Today I’m speaking to Tony Popov, who is CEO and co-founder at Kiko. So Tony, tell me about the product, what are you doing? What problem are you solving?

Tony Popov (Founder and CTO of Kiko): We’re doing property rentals. Basically, the problem is that the…

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Here is the second part of the article ‘How to Extract Tabular Data from PDF.’ In the first part, we covered key challenges and explained the core principles of getting data out of PDF tables. Today, we finish our analysis of six software tools that are most often used for that purpose and provide a big comparative table where each tool is rated according to its ability to parse PDF tables and correctly extract data from them.


Excalibur is a web interface to extract tabular data from PDFs. Tool overview:

  • Type of software available: web application, needs local setup
  • Platforms…

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In a new episode of our ‘Startup Stories’ interviews, UpsilonIT talks to Courtney Werner, a co-founder of KOYA Innovations Inc, a US-based startup delivering an innovative mobile social experience that brings together the advantages of both time and place in giving and messaging. From Сourtney’s story, you will learn about how KOYA disrupted the $127B gift card market by making it frictionless to send gifts to friends and family that are meaningful and get discovered at the time and place of use.

Anton Oparienko (COO, UpsilonIT): Today, I’m speaking to Courtney Werner, co-founder of KOYA Innovations, and KOYA Application. …

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Today, we would like to talk about the challenges and principles of getting tabular data out of PDF files. UpsilonIT’s developer team conducted a study to find out what’s the best software for parsing PDF tables and extracting data from them.

Why It’s a Challenge to Extract Tabular Data from PDF

Today PDF is used as the basis of communication between companies, systems, and individuals. It is regarded as the standard for finalized versions of documents as it is not easily editable except in fillable PDF forms. Most popular use cases for PDF documents in the business environment are:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Notes
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Price & Product Lists

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Today, we are going to compare Slack and Discord — perhaps, most popular team communication platforms and figure out what is the difference between them and which one can better solve your daily business tasks. We will also share from our experience, which tool we find better suited to specific Upsilon’s needs.

Slack vs. Discord

From the first look, Slack and Discord have a lot in common. However, when we start digging into the vast, it appears that they are tailored to specific use cases. Today, we are comparing both platforms on the following criteria:

  • Positioning
  • Pricing
  • Interface
  • Text Communications
  • Voice communications
  • Video…


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