35+ Best Books for Entrepreneurs

3 min readJun 20, 2024


Are you a startup owner aiming to expand your business and boost profits, but feel like you’re missing some key entrepreneurial know-how? Dive into our curated collection of best startup books, designed to help you grow.

A successful entrepreneur is the one who never stops learning. But choosing the right book can be quite challenging and time-consuming. How do you ensure that the selected read is worth your invaluable time? The answer is quite simple: find reliable sources.

We’ve decided to simplify your search and compiled a collection of 35+ best entrepreneur books to read in 2024 📚 Here are 5 categories depending on the aspect you need to work on:

🟡 Best Books for Starting a Business

Starting a business is a challenging and nerve-wracking process as too much is at stake. Here are the top books written by renowned entrepreneurs who know what magic pill you should take to build a profitable company:

Rework [by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson]

The Unicorn’s Shadow [by Ethan Mollick]

Zero to One [by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters]

🟡 Entrepreneur Mindset Books

Fears and insecurities are the worst enemies of any startup founder. How do you overcome the fear of losing it all and set yourself up for success? Find out more about the habits of real-life successful entrepreneurs and the tips they give in the following picks:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [by Stephen R. Covey]

STARTUP MINDSET: Help Me Start a Business [by Pete Moon]

Entrepreneur Revolution [by Daniel Priestley]

🟡 Best Product Design Books

How can a decent design contribute to the overall success of your business? Learn to develop appealing products and create “hook cycles” that grab customers’ attention, encouraging them to come back. Browse through these must-reads:

Hooked [by Nir Eyal]

The Design Of Everyday Things [by Don Norman]

The Laws of Simplicity [by John Maeda]

🟡 Best Finance Books

The recent decline in startup investment dynamics has drastically affected funding opportunities. That’s why being financially savvy is key to staying afloat in times of crisis and change. Explore brand-new accounting formulas, step-by-step strategies to bring more revenue, and top tools to evaluate your financial health:

Profit First [by Mike Michalowicz]

Work Less, Make More [by James Schramko]

The Art of Startup Fundraising [by Alejandro Cremades]

🟡 Best Books for Tech Startups that Want to Scale

What secret lies behind successful scaling? Global titans shed light on the best strategies and practices to elevate your startup. Learn how to take your business to the next level by reading these picks:

Startup CEO [by Matt Blumberg]

Startupland [by Mikkel Svane]

Blitzscaling [by Reid Hoffman, Chris Yeh]

Haven’t found the book that answers your questions? Dive into the complete article on the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs for the full collection broken down into 10 categories ⤵




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